Woods - With Light And With Love

If you go down to the Woods today…


Since forming in 2005,
Brooklyn’s Woods have
evolved from a sweetly
ramshackle folk act prone
to burying their tunes in layers
of hiss and found sound, to
a dynamic indie-rock force.
With Light And With Love sees
them make their most
accessible and ambitious
statement to date.

Key to its success is the
band’s willingness to shake
off their lo-fi roots, bringing
Jeremy Earl’s distinctive
falsetto to the fore and
emphasising their songwriting
strengths. This is most
apparent on lead track
Moving To The Left,
a feelgood pop effort that
calls to mind Yoshimi-era
Flaming Lips before slipping
into an inspired, laidback
jam of a coda.

This freewheeling spirit
resurfaces most notably on
the nine-minute title track
(the centrepiece of the
record) and the Grateful
Dead-like Shining. On the
whole, Woods have produced
an inviting, communal listen
seemingly designed to
soundtrack lazy summer
afternoons. Fans of the likes
of The Shins and My Morning
Jacket, yet who lament those
bands more experimental
leanings, will find plenty to
love here.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Woodsist | cat no tbc (CD / LP)

Reviewed by Jamie Atkins
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