Bis - We Are Bis from Glasgow, Scotland: Greatest Hits

Raucous, intelligent pop from north of the border

There still exists in some minds
the endearing image of Bis
appearing on Top Of The Tops at
the height of Britpop, an unsigned
band playing live. A breath of fresh
air, they blew away the mannered
posturing of some of the worst
excesses of that emperor’s new
clothes of a movement. Initially a
punky pop unit with a nice line in
simple, effective guitar riffs and
shouty, girly Slit-like vocals, they
put their skills to best use on early
hits Kandy Pop and Euro Disco. As
their career progressed they
became more reflective, laidback
and less in-your-face, but still
retained their ear for a good tune

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Cherry Red | CRCDVD 2 (CD+DVD)

Reviewed by Mark Finnigan
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