The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - US Tour ’74

Unissued radio broadcasts of Scots hard rockers

While Alex Harvey is as well known for his tragic demise as he is his sizeable stage presence and vocal talent, he was in some ways the progenitor of another Scottish rock legend, Bon Scott. Both were surrounded by a band of, er, sensational hard rock musos, and on the likes of Vambo and Framed, Harvey’s slurry tones sound like an AC/DC template. Still, despite the occasional click or dropout, these 17 songs from Dallas and Cleveland bear testament to SAHB’s live power.
With Zal Cleminson on guitar and Ted McKenna and Chris Glen providing the rhythm base, Alex could play to the crowd on the likes of the jazzy, vaudevillian Man In The Jar and a fuzzed-up cover of Jumpin’ Jack Flash. The second rendering of Midnight Moses presages MSG, with its catchy riff and pulsating percussion. Though a 16-minute Anthem and sillier moments such as Sgt Fury are of their time, there’s much here to warm the cockles.

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Reviewed by Tim Jones
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