Bruce Foxton - Touch Sensitive

Jam bassist looks to make ends meet

It can’t have been easy. From
playing bass and sharing fron-tof-
stage in Britain’s biggest
band, to contemplating how to
pay the bills within just a few
months. While Foxton would be
the first to admit it took a while
to adjust to Paul Weller’s
seemingly sudden
announcement that The Jam
were disbanding in late 1982,
he was also brave enough to
embark on his own solo career
within a year. A deal with Arista
ensued and Foxton’s debut 45,
Freak, was a minor hit inspired
by The Elephant Man film.
Thereafter, sales diminished and
the resulting album, the Steve
Lillywhite-produced Touch
Sensitive, was ignored by all but
the most devout Jam fans.

Twenty-five years later,
Foxton seems to be enjoying life
on the road with From The Jam
(alongside drummer Rick
Buckler), which might explain
this first-ever CD reissue of
Touch Sensitive, replete with
non-album bonus tracks and
video footage of one of Bruce’s
Jam compositions, Smithers-
Jones. Songs such as third
single It Makes Me Wonder
combine those twin Jam
attributes of poignant melody
with lyrical despair, while This Is
The Way sounds like a
confessional, with the opening gambit: “So you find yourself on
your own/But just exactly what
am I to do?”.

2 stars 2 stars

Cherry Red | CDM RED 192

Reviewed by John Reed
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