Human Skab - Thunder Hips & Saddle Bags

Juvenile junk: the adolescent noise of nostalgia

Okay, let’s get this straight: This
isn’t music. These aren’t songs.
Not the sort you’re used to
anyway. These here are
snapshots of the febrile
imagination of one potty-mouthed
pre-pubescent, a 10-
year-old boy from Elma,
Washington who, during the
mid-80s, felt like getting on tape
some of the things that
mattered to him (He-Man, the
sheer brilliance of dinosaurs,
fear of global armageddon).
Armed with a mighty array of
sound-makers (pots, pans, toy
guns, garden rakes and a Snake
Mountain microphone [you
remember Snake Mountain,
Skeletor’s place, where he hatched all his half-baked
plans to rule Eternia, only to be
thwarted by its muscle-bound
champion]), Human Skab, aka
Travis Roberts, rallied the
neighbourhood kids and led
them through a batch of heady
homegrown hoo-hah and
everything-plus-the kitchen-sink

This reissue of a 1986
cassette forms the missing link
between Captain Beefheart’s
Trout Mask Replica and
Virginia’s long-forgotten spazz
merchants Happy Flowers.
Pieces such as Screamin’
Demons and We Need To
Destroy The Soviet Union, aren’t
just (a)cute insights into the
formative universe of an
American adolescent, but a time
machine taking us back to the
recording of our own anarchic
radio shows with sympathetic
siblings. Cause we all did that…
didn’t we?

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Family Vineyard | FV 27 CD

Reviewed by Spencer Grady
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