The Fall - This Nation’s Saving Grace: Omnibus Edition

The mid-price mastery continues

This Nation’s Saving
Grace: Omnibus Edition

Giving kudos to
the compilers
of these new
Fall reissues
last year,
when they
with Wonderful
& Frightening, we said that we
hoped the releases would be
ongoing. Our wish has been
granted – and with such a great
album to get the Omnibus
Edition treatment.

The original 1985 CD is
nestled in the box, commencing
with the downright malevolent
Mansion, before stopping off at
breezy synth(ish) pop (LA),
subtle sonic shifters (Paintwork)
and all manner of guitar stomps
that sound as if one specific
lyric is being shuffled around on
top of them (Spoilt Victorian
Child, I Am Damo Suzuki, My
New House). John Leckie’s
production feels well placed for
those questionable noises too,
somehow stringing them
together wondrously and
without imposition.

As is the norm for this
series, you get bonus discs
(Singles & Sessions and Rough
Mixes/Outtakes), which will have
the Fall army ticking off
checklists. A 46-page book
finishes the bundle, filled with
interviews, setlists, posters and
band reminiscences. But the
star here is the album:
something a lesser band’s
reissue packaging would struggle
to convey. Exemplary work from
all involved.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Beggars Banquet | BBQCD 2067 (3-CD)

Reviewed by Jake Kennedy
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