Elvis Presley - This Is Elvis: Two-Disc Special Edition / Girl Happy / Kissin’ Cousins

The highs and lows of the King’s cinematic career

Tying in with the 30th anniversary
of Elvis’ death, a mammoth 24 of
his films are being released on
DVD, many of them for the first
time. Despite occasional hokey
moments (the numerous reenactments),
This Is Elvis is
actually a decent bio, with a
wealth of performance footage.
This release packages the original
theatrical film, notorious for its
shambolic performance of Are
You Lonesome Tonight?, with the
later home video version, which
cut Lonesome, but runs 40
minutes longer.

Girl Happy and Kissin’
Cousins are available both
individually and as part of the
6-DVD set Elvis: The Hollywood
Collection. The former has the
King as a musician, sent to go
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to keep
an eye on the daughter of a
Mafia-esque nightclub boss.
There’s a noticeable lack of good
songs; trivia buffs need only note
that the infamous Do The Clam
appears in this film, not the
equally lightweight Clambake.
Kissin’ Cousins is so campy it
almost verges on parody. Elvis
plays an Air Force lieutenant
trying to convince his blondehaired,
lookalike-cousin (also
played by Elvis) that a missile
base should be built on his
beloved Big Smokey Mountain,
while a gaggle of sex-crazed
country gals called the Kittyhawks
provide ample comic relief.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Warner Home Video | cat no tbc (2-DVD) / 7975

Reviewed by Gillian G Gaar
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