John Fahey - The Yellow Princess (Vinyl)

Train arrive, eight tracks long

Fahey recorded this 1969 LP before his eccentricities had gotten the better of him, and he launches into this acoustic set with guitar rhythms that chug along like old American Mid-Western cross-country steam locomotives. It’s a pleasant journey to take, rattling along with the odd surprising flourish to mark the way, a random piece of dissonance to keep you awake and, above all, a reassurance that you’re in safe hands. From hammock-swinging relaxation to high energy tension, Fahey leads you through safely to the end. Fans of Leo Kottke should apply immediately. Fahey, who died in 2001, may have been a barmpot – but we miss him.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Pure Pleasure/Vanguard | VSD-79293

Reviewed by Paul Rigby
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