Goldblade - The Terror Of Modern Life

Life during wartime

Sixteen years on from their riotous debut, Home Turf, veteran Manchester punk-rock- soul brotherhood Goldblade are still proudly fighting their self-styled punk war, slugging away in the trenches while newly evolved genres gain ground on the sonic battlefield. Global unrest and the deepening recession that’s taken hold since their last long-player (2008’s Mutiny, on Captain Oi!) provide the components for their latest rebellious grenade The Terror Of Modern Life, but can it detonate with the kind of far-reaching fury that makes a difference in these precarious times?

It’s unlikely, for while Goldblade remain an incendiary live act, they’re loose cannons on record. Sure, the best of John Robb’s anti-corporate tirades (the money market-dissing We’re All In It Together, the self-explanatory The World Is Fucked Up Nowadays) hit the spot, and there’s some irresistibly beefy, bass-heavy hardcore gumbo to wolf down, such as Someone Stole My Brain, but ultimately, there’s nothing here of the same anthemic calibre as Who Was The Killa? or Psycho to go stark raving radio rental over.

Signs of progression are, admittedly, belatedly embraced by the ham-fisted, if heartfelt dub-out Serious Business and the bowel-quaking Sunn O)))-style title track, but it’s too little too late. Surrender may not be an immediate option, but Goldblade’s once trusty punk artillery is clearly starting to misfire. Tim Peacock

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