Tymon Dogg - The Nine Lives Of Tymon Dogg

Who let the Dogg out?

Though Tymon Dogg had the talent to become a major artist, he shunned publicity and did things his own way. In the 60s he recorded for Apple, Pye and Threshold; wrote scores of songs, including Lose This Skin for The Clash and several for Ellen Foley; worked as part of The Frugivores and The Quickening; and spent several years in Joe Strummer’s band. He often accompanies his own songs on guitar, harmonica, piano, violin or tetra-harp.

This DVD covers the last few years with live performances (at benefits in London or on a decommissioned minesweeper), his wedding (with John Cooper Clark as best man) and extensive footage of him performing in a derelict building. It’s good to hear a song from the very old days, Johnny Is A Wanderer, which sums Tymon up neatly.

He’s an engaging performer but his unwillingness to answer any question directly becomes irritating. We’re not even told, for example, that he comes from Merseyside, so The Nine Lives Of Tymon Dogg, which implies a life history, is a misnomer. Still, it’s the music that counts and this illustrates that, when it comes to integrity, Tymon has it in spades.

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Reviewed by Spencer Leigh
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