Alison Moyet - the minutes

Merging the old and the new

On her last album, 2007’s The
Turn, Moyet was in classic
torch mode, delivering a set of
songs steeped in orchestral
pop grandeur and blue-eyed
soul. The synth-laden hues of
the minutes, however, pulls off
the neat trick of both
reconnecting to the electro of
her first records with Yazoo
and embracing 21st Century
club culture.

Co-writing with producer
Guy Sigsworth (whose credits
include Björk, Goldie and
Robyn), Moyet sets off down
some daring paths,
investigating breakbeats on
Changeling and bass-driven
dance minimalism on Love
Reign Supreme. The power of
her voice is a constant,
though, best heard on the
Abba-like theatricality of When
I Was Your Girl and the candy-coated
synth-pop of Filigree.

It’s also pleasing that,
amid all the sonic bells and
whistles, well-structured
writing is never sacrificed
– almost all of the 11 tracks
here would survive being
stripped down to just
acoustic guitar and voice.
Arguably, the album lacks
a stand-out killer to take to
radio but, by the same token,
there’s hardly anything that
could be described as filler;
it’s a solid and confident
collection from a veteran
songstress who still has a lot
to offer. 

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Cooking Vinyl | COOKCD 585

Reviewed by Terry Staunton
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