Anthony Phillips - The Geese & The Ghost

Phillips proves he can Hackett… with a little help

The Geese & The Ghost

The latest repackaging of the original Genesis guitarist’s solo album from 1977 is promoted by a sticker advertising a “Previously unreleased Genesis track”. The song in question, the much-bootlegged Silver Song, appears not once but twice, as both a “basic track” and an “unreleased single version”. It rather overshadows the main course, first aired seven years after Phillips’ departure from the fold.

The presence of Mike Rutherford and two vocals from Phil Collins cemented the connections, but the fact that the title track had started life in 1969 as a Phillips-Rutherford guitar duet is probably more significant. Over half the original album’s playing time is occupied by that and Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times, and the feel is somewhat Mike Oldfieldian.

The album has been newly remastered from the original tapes, but the main selling point of the bonus disc, consisting of demos and basic tracks, is the aforementioned Silver Song. Charisma rejected the potential single in 1973, as they would the album (it was released by Virgin). It’s hard to see why, of course – Collins wasn’t then Genesis lead singer. Happily, Phillips flew on regardless.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Voiceprint | VP 432 CD (2-CD)

Reviewed by Michael Heatley
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