Michael Schenker Group - The 30th Anniversary Concert: Live In Tokyo

The Mad Axeman’s resplendent return

Backed by the ultra-reliable
likes of Gary Barden, Simon
Philips and Neil Murray, the
ever unpredictable Schenker
knocked out 18 catalogue
corkers in January 1980 and
reminds everyone that, on his
day, he still boasts one of the
most impressive axes, and riff
caches, in rock.

Some will doubtless wag a
finger at this 2-CD collection
re-treading familiar territory like
an ageing vineyarder, while
others will cavil that more
recent additions to the
repertoire aren’t equal to the
superior vintages of the past.
But Feels Like A Good Thing
certainly feels that way,
classics such as Cry For The
Nations and a pumping,
singalong Let Sleeping Dogs
Lie are always welcome.

When the spotlight shines
on Herr Schenker’s frets – as
per Armed & Ready – he’s
unbeatable. A drum solo on
Are You Ready To Rock? may
have been excised, but A Night
To Remember sways along in
Scorpions style, while the UFO
staples are all present and
impressively correct. Only On &
On causes a double-take with
some odd vocals, and Dance
Lady Gypsy is iffy but,
otherwise, nigh-on essential.

5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars

Inakustik | INAK 9098 CD (2-CD)

Reviewed by Tim Jones
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