Ibliss - Supernova

Kraftwerk fans get ready to shine


Not a particularly prolific outfit,
this is the Ibliss’ sole album
and a fine slice of Krautrock
with strong jazz inflections that
gives the sound a fusion
flavour. As such, you shouldn’t
be surprised by Supernova’s
long, jam-oriented winding
forays based around the
focused, tribal, percussion,
with guitar and saxophone
providing grammatical support.
Fans of both Xhol and Embryo
will find much of interest here.
In addition, Kraftwerk fans will
be intrigued to hear that longterm
associate Conny Plank
produced this album. Basil
Hammoudi, of pre-Kraftwerk
outfit Organisation’s Tone Float
LP, also appears. This gatefold
release is limited to 500
copies and includes a pictorial
insert providing information on
the band.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Wah Wah | LPS 064

Reviewed by Paul Rigby
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