Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus

Entrancing third offering from London duo

You could be forgiven for thinking someone was smiling on Fuck Buttons from up above last year. Not only were two of this uncompromising – and relatively obscure – duo’s tracks used in the Olympic opening ceremony, but a track by spinoff group Blanck Mass was also interpreted when the Union Flag was hoisted at the event.

Thankfully, such huge exposure hasn’t made Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power fame-hungry. There are no guest vocalists or star-studded videos to support Slow Focus. Instead, the duo’s third album maintains the tasteful crescendos of earlier works and remixes, with only a slight deviation in a nod towards hip-hop on The Red Wing and Stalker. Power’s music with Blanck Mass is definitely further to the front of the mix this time round, with washes of synth adding layers to an already dense, shifting sound.

Occasionally the beats and rhythms sound counter-intuitive, feeling as if they’re working against everything else, but all soon falls back into place like the aural equivalent of a magic-eye picture. The symphonies Fuck Buttons make remain as miasmic as ever: odd and unusual to hear for the first minute or so, before fully entrancing the listener. Beguiling stuff. 

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

ATP Recordings | ATPRSP 20 (CD / LP)

Reviewed by Jake Kennedy
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