The House Of Love - She Paints Words In Red

Love comes in colours

She Paints Words In Red

The House Of Love’s warmly
received 2005 comeback
Days Run Away not only
reunited frontman Guy
Chadwick with his notoriously
mercurial lead guitar foil Terry
Bickers for the first time in 15
years, but it paraded enough
inspiration to suggest future
greatness was again lurking
around the corner.

Since that second coming
petered out, however, the
silence has become deafening.
Yet it seems The House Of
Love were right to respect the
old adage about not rushing
genius, for the long-awaited
She Paints Words In Red turns
out to be the Camberwell
crew’s finest – and most
consistent – platter since
1990’s Fontana album.

Recorded, ironically, in one
hectic 10-day session with
long-term producer Pat Collier
last November, She Paints
Words In Red bottles a band
on vintage form. The
smouldering rocker A Baby
Got Back On Its Feet and the
chromatic drama of Low Black
Clouds weigh in among
Chadwick’s moodily erudite
best, while Bickers’ lethally
elegant guitar sprays silver all
over the epically inclined Holy
River and the blissful chime of
the title track.

Elsewhere, the playfully
catchy, Velvets-y cool of Never
Again quickly flags up its radio
potential, but it’s the delicate,
Man To Child-esque
ethereality of the ballad Lost
In The Blues that provides the
refined brush strokes to
complete this alluring sonic

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

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Reviewed by Tim Peacock
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