Shadows Of Knight - Shake!

The great bubblegum garage burn up


Produced by bubblegum maestro
Joey Levine, formerly of the Third
Rail, SOK’s self-titled third
album originally saw the light of
day on Jerry Kasenetz and
Jeffrey Katz’s Super K
Productions in 1969, following
the collapse of their previous
label, Dunwich.

The evident tensions
between Super K’s tried and
tested commercial pop
methodology and SOK’s
straining at the leash garage
instincts are fascinatingly laid
bare for all to hear. The
combination of the production
and songwriting styles brings
about a strangely heady fusion
of sophisticated bubblegum
motifs and raucous freak-outs.
With this souped-up reissue also
featuring the non-album 45s
Shake! and the stunning My Fire
Department Needs A Fireman,
once it’s up to cruising speed
this is a rampaging monster
littered with powerhouse
performances and some truly Record Collector
oddball moments. Witness Uncle
Wiggley’s Airship and the tongue-in-
cheek 20-second burst of
feedback Under Acoustic Control.
Meanwhile, I’ll Set You Free’s
sneering fuzz and Moonesque
clatter feels like a sprawling West
Coast psychedelic blow-out,
while the supercharged covers of
Buffalo Springfield’s Bluebird and
Willie Dixon’s Back Door Man
find SOK straying deep into Blue
Cheer territory.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Rev-Ola | CR REV 274

Reviewed by Grahame Bent
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