Napalm Death - Scum

Genre-defining assault celebrates 25th anniversary

Released in 1987 and
championed by the likes of
John Peel, the debut album
from Birmingham agitators
Napalm Death successfully
brought together elements of
UK crust punk, US hardcore/
thrashcore and the
burgeoning American death
metal scene, creating what’s
now recognised by many as
the first grindcore album. A
world away from the
ridiculously technical
excesses of today’s grind
scene, Scum is instead a
loose and wholly organic
listen, the vocals bellowed
over an underbelly of fast and
insistent riffs, blasting
percussion and a gloriously
fuzzy bass that recalls the
work of pioneering US gore
fans Repulsion.

As well as establishing
the iconic Earache imprint,
the album is also notable for
its inclusion of You Suffer
– a song that entered the
Guinness Book Of Records
due to a one-second running
time – and the fact that the
two “sides” of the album only
have one member in
common, drummer Mick
Harris, often credited with the
invention of the blast beat.

Released with bonus
rough mixes of every track,
this full dynamic range
master edition allows you
to appreciate the “full
dynamics” of the rough-as-sandpaper
Politically charged and
unrelenting, this is as
energising and essential
as ever.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Earache | MOSH 003 LP 1 (CD / LP)

Reviewed by Dayal Patterson
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