The Carter Family - Roots Of Country

Family values give country music its good name

Roots Of Country

Anyone who saw
the recent
American Folk
trilogy of
programmes was
in for a treat: a magnificent
journey through the heartland of
American traditional music in
the 20th Century, awash with
interviews, archive clips and an
engaging narrative. All of which
won’t hurt this 50-track roundup
of music from folk/country
royalty The Carter Family. Their
all-pervasive influence has been
felt via everyone from The Everly
Brothers and Bob Dylan to Steve
Earle and Alison Krauss.

In a nutshell, during their
purple patch in the late 20s and
early 30s, AP Carter
(accompanied by wife Sara and
sister-in-law Maybelle) wrote or
adapted songs which all but
defined the emergent folk style,
such as Wabash Cannonball,
Wildwood Flower, Will The Circle
Be Unbroken and Keep On The
Sunny Side. Where other acts
were content to simply keep old
songs alive, The Carter Family
took music to a new place
during a boom in the embryonic
recording industry, which saw
the yet-to-be-named folk genre
enjoy a brief spell of popularity.
The trio continued till the early
40s, whereupon the family
tradition was passed onto a new
generation, leaving behind a
musical legacy which all but
defines the spirit of American
folk and its evolution into

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Music Club Deluxe | MCDLX 102 (2-CD)

Reviewed by John Reed
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