Luke Haines - Rock And Roll Animals

He’s like the rock’n’roll Johnny Morris

You can call former Auteurs
frontman Luke Haines
whatever you like – and many
do – but “predictable” just
won’t stick. Following his
razor-sharp yet affectionate
look at 70s British wrestling
comes this: a folk comedy
centred around a badger
named Nick Lowe, a fox
named Jimmy Persey and
a cat named Gene Vincent.
Read that back if you like, it
won’t make any more sense.

The trio wage a war on
public art, with the main focus
of their bile directed at Anthony
Gormley’s Angel Of The North.
Along the way (and it definitely
feels like a journey) TV’s Julia
Davis narrates, the most
righteous periods of Black
Sabbath and Soft Machine’s
histories are debated, and
many woodwind instruments
are softly played. If that sounds
a lot to take in, it isn’t really,
but it doesn’t make any more
sense than that, no matter
how much you like it.

While appealing to the
masses has never been a
major concern for Haines,
a loosely child-friendly album
might well be a definite way
in for newcomers to our
creepy, breathy anti-hero. It’s
successful, on the whole, and
fans of this ever-refreshing
Britpop behemoth will find
plenty to cheer.  

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Cherry Red | tbc

Reviewed by Jake Kennedy
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