Rush - Retrospective III (1989- 2008)

Canadian rock trio’s third retro - well I never

Covering all the basses – along
with the distinctive drums,
guitars and vocals – from Messrs
Lee, Lifeson and Peart, this 14-
tracker has a couple of remixes
(One Little Victory, Earthshine)
and an unissued live cut to
please the completists. For
those less familiar with their
oeuvre across the last two
decades – more punchy melodic
hard rock than the pomp-prog of
yore – this is just the ticket.
Numerous catchy electro/
acoustic strumalongs abound,
picking over Presto, Roll The
Bones, Counterparts, Test For
Echo, Vapor Trails and Snakes &
Arrows. It makes for seamless
listening, with stadium numbers
such as Bravado and Animate
(the rolling percussion, urgent
guitar and insistent vocals could
sit in a U2 set) sitting amid
funky elements (the spoken-word
of Roll The Bones, sixstring
on Leave That Thing
Alone). Ghost Of A Chance has a
BÖC quality, while Far Cry
rounds things out in thumping
fashion. A limited edition of this
set adds a second CD and a
DVD; if you only want a one-stop
to Rush since the fall of the
Wall, look no further.

5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars

Atlantic | tbc

Reviewed by Tim Jones
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