Elevator Suite - Remixes

Going up (and down, then up again)

Electronic pop trio Elevator Suite formed in 1999 around DJs Andy Childs and Paul Roberts, plus Totnes-based producer Steve Grainger. Influenced by anyone from The Beatles and Bacharach to Air and Pet Shop Boys, the group signed to the Mushroom Infectious roster which also housed Muse, Ash and Garbage, releasing debut album Barefoot & Shitfaced. Dissatisfied with sales, they parted from Mushroom amid inter-band strife, finally returning last year with an expanded line-up and their self-titled second album. Demand grew for the limited remixes of singles, resulting in this compilation.

Two tracks get several takes; The Wheel is turned over to Alex Metric, Long Range, Michael Morph and Crazy P (formerly Penis), who conjures a haunting electro-minimal canter, while Time After Time gets rogered by Aquasky’s grunty breaks, but soothed by Melophonic’s sympathetic rock treatment and spiked with pills both ecstatic and psychedelic by Joyski and Mowglee, who successfully focuses on the song rather than his laptop. Elsewhere, Robot and Childs tackle Local DJ, while one Nigel from Bermondsey tickles How Does It Feel. Original versions of I Feel Music and Blue Lights provide two bonus tracks, which are the best enticement to check out the group itself.

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Pure Mint | tbc

Reviewed by Kris Needs
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