Porcupine Tree - Recordings

Rarities… rare no longer!


Though there’s a veritable industry of Porcupine Tree releases these days, and selling out the Royal Albert Hall aside, there’s still something of the deliciously well-kept secret about this band. Could they be the world’s best-known little-known group?

Back in RC 350, when we surveyed a swathe of PT collectables, we featured the original Recordings 2001 CD release (nine tracks recorded during the sessions for Lightbulb Sun and Stupid Dream), noted how copies traded around the £50 mark despite having an original run of 20,000 pressings and warned of a growing market in counterfeit copies. We predicted an imminent reissue… and, two years later, here we are.

It’s been worth the wait, though. Recordings pulls together unreleased songs and B-sides, even reuniting the two parts of Even Less that originally appeared split across two different singles. They’re clever, futuristic pieces with an orchestral sweep to them, an intelligent thoughtfulness and vivid creativity that underlines PT as being much more than simply a Pink Floyd for the 21st Century. “I’m a shade and easy to ignore” the opening Buying New Soul notes. Their sharply-shootingupward trajectory makes them anything but!

Kscope | KSCOPE 134

Reviewed by Ian Abrahams
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