Iggy & The Stooges - Ready To Die

… But not quite yet

Ready To Die

It should be clear by now that Iggy & The Stooges can’t be judged against anything else going on in music. Iggy is an incorrigible force of nature, growing old disgracefully; deft juggernaut Scott Asheton is rock’s most underrated drummer; James Williamson remains a master of the stun guitar. Though things can never be the same after Ron Asheton’s death buried The Stooges in 2009, this Raw Power-descended incarnation is hell-bent on keeping that invaluable spirit at napalm level while, for the first time, acknowledging time’s passing.

If 2007’s The Weirdness suffered from limp production, this is a more untamed beast. The sound is dense and energised on balls-out rockers such as Burn, Gun, the uproarious Dirty Deal and Job, with Iggy on top form delivering his irreverently humorous yet biting lyrics.

Meanwhile, some slowies display a sensitivity never encountered under any Stooges name, with Iggy’s marinated croon seemingly tailor-made for the rich backdrops of Unfriendly World and The Departed. The latter’s tribute to fallen comrades is handled beautifully as, after the ghost of I Wanna Be Your Dog riffs in over funereal drums, Iggy opens up on life and mortality. While fans can rest assured that rampage is still on the menu, be prepared to well up, too. God bless Iggy & The Stooges.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Fat Possum | FP 1296

Reviewed by Kris Needs
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