M - Pop Muzik: The Remix Album

Still living in a disco

It was a fantastic pop prank –
the roots of ZTT, The Lexicon Of
Love and the fastidious,
manicured pop of the 80s
started with this record. Robin Scott, M himself, was a fellow
who’d been round the block a
few times and, with Pop Muzik,
he wrote his masterpiece.
Funny, literate, danceable, it
was as much the sound of 1979
as Chic’s Good Times or
Tubeway Army’s Are “Friends”
Electric. His performance in a
suit and tie – the ultimate
straight’s attire – on Top Of The
Pops presciently commented on
the lawyers’ take-over of the
music business. M’s debut
album, New York London Paris
Munich, synthesised all these
elements further, but it was only
one song that the world wanted.

This is a great compendium
of its history and, of course, by
its very nature will drive you
spare. Scott’s original demo
shows how Pop Muzik evolved.
There’s the version Steve
Osbourne did for U2’s Popmart
tour. Devo have done one; so
have Dub Pistols. An interesting
versionography, if you will, but –
and you know what the punchline
has to be – the original outshines
them all.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Union Square Music | DDMETR 217

Reviewed by Daryl Easlea
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