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UK hip-hop royalty

Organised Rhyme

Spring 1988
was a time of
change in UK
hip-hop: the
first wave of
acts such as Family Quest and
Junior Gee had finally passed
the baton onto a new hungry
generation. One label was at
the forefront of this revolution –
Simon Harris’ mighty Music Of
Life. Having scored worldwide
acclaim through Derek B, the
label focused on a bevy of
hardcore acts, from Hijack to
the Demon Boyz, and quickly
dominated Brit-hop.

Also on the roster was East
London B-boy, MC Duke. Having
paid his dues as a notorious
breakdancer in the early years,
Duke instantly set the scene
alight with his debut single Free.
This was quickly followed up with
Miracles, before Duke
unleashed his defining work, I’m
Riffin. The single was a stunning
example of the period and
perfectly paved the way for this

Fast-forward to 2010 and
Original Dope have once again
put together a superb package.
Not only do you get the original
LP tracks, but lots of extra
goodies are included. As well as
Duke’s first recording, Jus-Dis,
there are B-sides, a freestyle
and some new exclusive tracks.
All in all then, a perfect
introduction to the man they call

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Original Dope/Music Of Life | ODOPE 1003

Reviewed by Dudley Jaynes
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