The Ministry Of Wolves - Music From Republik Der Wölfe

A Grimm outlook

Music From Republik Der Wölfe

Attention, creatives: if you’re
in sore need of inspirationby-
example, here’s an object
lesson in what’s achievable
when your stars are aligned. Enticingly, it’s a collaboration
between Einstürzende
Neubauten veteran Alexander
Hacke, inexhaustible ex-Bad
Seed Mick Harvey, Danielle
de Picciotto from Crime And
The City Solution, and Paul
Wallfisch, musical director
of Theater Dortmund. The
theatre in question recently
premiered Republik Der
Wölfe, a production based
on the salutary fairy tales of
the Brothers Grimm, and to
which this music provides
an intoxicating, deeply
affecting soundtrack.

If you miss having
delectably creepy stories read
to you at bedtime, and wish to
revisit that realm without going
the route of donning an adult
nappy, here’s your golden
ticket. Hacke and Picciotto
narrate with unwholesome
relish: on Rumpelstiltskin, for
example, the former heroically
braces himself against an
auditory vortex, its circular
piano figure assailed by
elemental creaks and groans.
Picciotto, meanwhile, is witchy
on The Gold Key and
inscrutably, disturbingly perky
on Cinderella, an otherwise
plangent klezmer lamentation.
Above all, Rapunzel (As Isadora
Duncan) is as enveloping as
cedar smoke, with doll fingers
of toy piano obtruding. Hacke’s
sin-inviting baritone makes you
reflect that The Doors could
have sounded like this had they
fully indulged their Brechtian
impulses – and had Morrison
foresworn that early bath.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

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Reviewed by Oregano Rathbone
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