Dave & Toni Arthur - Morning Stands On Tiptoe

’Twas a rare 1967 folk album…

Morning Stands On

Originally released on the
Transatlantic label, this 51-
track album was well known in
traditional folk circles, as it
collected together many old
English folk songs covering the
shadowy worlds of poaching,
bare-knuckle fighting and
transvestite sailors.

The oral tradition of passing
songs down the years certainly
deserves to be maintained, as
the recent Topic box set
attests, but these songs do
come from a very different time
– their earnest deliveries not
always sitting well with modern
ears. Dave and Toni sing both
separately and together, mostly
unaccompanied, with Toni’s
voice having a beguiling, husky
quality to it. Traditional folk
appreciators will welcome this
release, which adds both sides
of a more pop-folk orientated
1965 single they cut as The
Strollers, but others may find
there are too many nouns
preceding their adjectives in
the main fare offered here.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Cherry Tree | CRTREE 002

Reviewed by Kingsley Abbott
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