Moondog - More Moondog

From the land of the ice and snow?

More Moondog

A very welcome addition to
Honest Jons’ magnificent
Viking Of Sixth Avenue, More
Moondog brings together two
impossibly rare key albums
from the late 50s. Street
noises, foghorns, tap-dancing
and a howling dog all add to
the unique atmosphere, primal
rhythms and unusual structures
of these scarcely-heard
Moondog compositions.

The first half of the
compilation is oddly percussive,
down to the fact that
Moondog’s using trimba, oo,
tuji and ostrich feathers as
noisemakers. Later, the
signature American Indian-style
chants appear, as do the
melancholy vocal multi-tracks,
and there’s a surprising visit
from a piano. A long monologue
flows nicely into the magical
musical adventure Up
Broadway, which for us is the
jewel in this particular album’s
Viking helmet.

To sum up this great release
is hard – it’s street jazz,
classical, ethnographical and
sometimes all three at the same
time. There really is no one else
quite like Moondog and, if you
don’t know him yet, here’s your
best chance to get acquainted.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Honest Jons | HJRCD 106

Reviewed by Jonny Trunk
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