Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Messages: Greatest Hits

With support band: OMD

Between them Andy McClusky
and Paul Humphries are
responsible for creating two
brilliant, but very different,
bands. Orchestral Manoeuvres
In The Dark, the early 80s
Factory descendents who
sampled blast furnaces and the
Stanlow oil refinery; and OMD,
the late 80s stadium pop act
who defied expectations by
updating their sound and
becoming, if only briefly, relevant
in the 90s. It’s sometimes
difficult to package the two
together in one best of, which is
possibly why Virgin keeps trying.

This is their third major
compilation release, with only
minor tweaks in tracklisting from
1998’s The OMD Singles. But in the 10 years since then the
band have taken hold of their
heritage, repackaging and reperforming
it to renewed critical
acclaim. The main reason to buy
this one is the bonus DVD, which
contains 30 promo videos, 11 of
which are available for the first
time, and one Top Of The Pops
performance of Joan of Arc.

The early and later videos
remain stylish and, while OMD’s
videos from the mid-80s (cod
love stories that make Brookside
look glamorous) have been
derided for a long time, in
context they’re like classic retro
museum pieces: the colour,
comedy part of a fascinating,
diverse legacy.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Virgin | CDVX 3050 (CD+DVD)

Reviewed by Ian Peel
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