Wolverhampton Bilston Robin
11th April, 2008

View: standing, front, stage-left

Magenta, another female-fronted
South Wales neo-prog band, are
more traditional in style than
contemporaries The Reasoning,
but their best song, I’m Alive,
would fit comfortably into the
Within Temptation canon. Indeed,
they’re not afraid to challenge their
audience, many of their intricate,
densely-arranged numbers well
over 20 minutes long, including
set-opener The Ballad Of Samuel
Layne, from their latest,
Metamorphosis. Aside from the
keyboards of Rob Reed, and the
excellent guitar of Steve Fry, their
principal asset is the fine, clear
voice of Christina Booth, who
brings light and life to Magenta’s
complex, Renaissance-like
material. A good-sized crowd gave
them a warm reception, and
rightly so.

Reviewed by Paul Quinton
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