The Durutti Column - Love In The Time Of Recession

Vini in love equals more column inches

Vini Reilly is more likely to put a
finger on his own pulse than that
of the nation, though
considering the current
economic climate this album’s
title is apt. There is, however,
nothing austere about Reilly’s
music that, over the last 30
years, has laid the foundations
of a career skyscraper exploring
every room from dance,
sampling, and Morrissey-foil.

Underpinning everything is a
skitterish neo-classical melodic
guitar which whispers in the
background of the opening track
Memory Of Anthony. where Reilly
pays heartfelt tribute to late
friend and Factory Founder Tony
Wilson. More Rainbows is an
instrumental conversation
between Reilly’s pliant guitar and
girlfriend Poppy Morgans’
dreamy electric piano, while I’m
Alive and My Poppy – “your
perfect beauty” – are both
slightly psychedelic and
gloriously fuzzy around the
edges, like Felt. For Bruce is
dedicated to Reilly’s longsuffering
drumming foil Bruce
Mitchell and, with its Japanese
Gamelan feel, is no doubt
intended to give the Manchester
legend some Zen-like calm.
Elsewhere, Lock Down recalls
the glory of Reilly’s collaboration
with Blaine Reininger on that
ancient Durutti rowing boat
Without Mercy. As always, the
singing is gloriously fragile,
making some lyrics beautifully
elusive, with meanings as hard
to grasp as a well-oiled trout.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Artful ARTFULCD | 64

Reviewed by Ian Shirley
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