Robyn Hitchcock - Love From London

So you think you’re in love with London?

There seems to be something of a city-based theme running through Robyn Hitchcock’s recent work. His previous release was a paean to Oslo, specifically its bizarre Vigeland sculpture park; the title of his latest album explains the urban connection. Yet whereas the songs on Tromsø Kaptein – particularly the title track – were suffused with doomy Nordic sensibility and imagery, Love From London does little more than mention a few landmarks such as Primrose Hill and Telecom Tower.

Of course, this being Robyn, there’s every chance that the references to pterodactyls hanging in the sky are actually part of a prehistoric mystery tour and the whole thing is a vision of the shifted reality that, Torchwood-like,
lives around every corner
of olde London towne; or
a commentary on the economic
situation and impending
ecological catastrophe.

But whatever underlies
the lyrics, this is a classy
collection of tracks that sit
together very comfortably.
Unmistakeably the work of
their maker, all 10 songs are
solidly structured, beautifully
arranged and played, captured
with clarity and attention to
detail. There’s no instant
standout, but the album both
withstands and repays
repeated listening – by the
second time through you’ll be
picking up all sorts of sonic
and lyrical references to
popular music of the last 25
years. Not canonical, but
a classic.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Yep Roc | YEP 2315 LP (CD / LP)

Reviewed by Tim Holmes
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