Step Brothers - Lord Steppington

Steps’ reunion

Having worked together in the
past, most notably on Dilated
Peoples, The Alchemist and
Evidence combine again for
this aristocratic-themed effort
that’s among the best work
either of them has produced.

Dark in palette with
a strong collection of grimy,
sinister productions (mostly
by Alchemist, with Evidence
dominating the rhymes),
it’s light in lyrical tone, with
plenty of royalty themed skits
and an impressive roster
of guests, including Action
Bronson, Roc Marciano,
Blu and Oh No. It all gives
the sense of a fun, messy
but inspired recording
session conducted in a fug
of weed smoke.

There are learned nods
towards classic hip-hop, with
the brilliant Swimteam
Rastas referencing DJ
Premier on a trio of distinct
beats, while Legendary Mesh
is dominated by dedications
to A Tribe Called Quest.
Elsewhere, See The Rich
Man Play is a meditation on
mescaline-fuelled gambling
driven by a snatch of sped-up
chipmunk lounge music,
while No Hesitation is classic
head-nod hip-hop with
a sweet symphonic loop
augmented by slothful beats
and some choice rhymes.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Rhymesayers | cat no tbc (CD / LP)

Reviewed by Paul Bowler
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