Glenn Tilbrook & The Fluffers - Live In New York City

Past and present bottled and labelled with love

Four years after reforming
Squeeze, Tilbrook and his
longtime writing partner
Chris Difford have yet to pen
any new material for the
band with which they first
came to prominence. That’s
partially down to the hectic
workload they have away
from each other, with
Tilbrook especially busy on
the touring circuit.

Filmed in a modest
Manhattan bar two years
ago, The Fluffers’ set
inevitably nods towards
Squeeze greats of yore, with
Black Coffee In Bed and Up
The Junction among the
most anthemic of crowd-pleasers.
Tilbrook’s songs
from his own albums,
however, never veer too far
from the more famous
band’s template. By The
Light Of The Cash Machine is
packed with the smalltown
imagery and cheeky wit that
permeated Cool For Cats and
Argy Bargy.

Keyboard player Stephen
Large is The Fluffers’ secret
weapon, his dextrous
flourishes creating a
whirlwind of melody on
Untouchable (Tilbrook’s
most satisfying non-Squeeze
song) and a wash of sweet
soul on Tempted. Yes, a new
Squeeze album would be
most welcome, but let’s
hope it doesn’t come at the
expense or demise of
Tilbrook’s other great band.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

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Reviewed by Terry Staunton
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