New Order - Live At Bestival 2012

Storming greatest hits set from last year’s Bestival

“Hello! Guess who we are? We
are New Order. Obviously.”
Since reforming two years ago
without Peter Hook but with
Gillian Gilbert back in the fold,
the legends of Manchester
music seem to have been
having a rather good time,
taking a crowd-pleasing set
around some of the more
pleasant festivals and dishing
out cracking performances to
extremely happy punters.
Sounds good, doesn’t it?

And it is. Recorded last
year at Bestival on the Isle Of
Wight, the band are as tight
as ever; they’re clearly having
a ball. From the off, this
show is all about enjoying
one of England’s longest-serving
acts – both for the fans and the band. Bernard
Sumner introduces Isolation
playfully: “This is a Joy
Division song. See if you can
guess what it is.”

All the classics are here –
Regret, True Faith, The Perfect
Kiss, Blue Monday, Temptation,
plus a sprinkling of perhaps
less familiar songs such as
2005’s Krafty. The whole thing
peaks with the perfect encore
of Transmission and Love Will
Tear Us Apart, which leaves
Sumner audibly overwhelmed
by the end. And if that’s not
enough goodness, all the
profits from this release will go
to the Isle Of Wight Youth

5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars

Sunday Best | SBESTCD 60

Reviewed by Paul McGuinness
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