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Little free rock but some nice standard stuff

Evolving out of David John & The Mood, Little Free Rock were a class live act who performed regular gigs at The Roundhouse and Marquee. Hailing from Preston in Lancashire, they began as Purple Haze, covering the likes of The Who and The Creation, before becoming confident with their own brand of heavy psych and changing their name to distance themselves from a certain Mr Hendrix.

Clearly heavily influenced by the irresistible psych-blues of Cream, looking back, the band are something of a poor substitute, though the playing is taut and listenable throughout. Peter Illingworth had an arresting and unique rock voice, however, which he used to greatest effect on the more blues-based tracks such as Blud and Dream.

Originally released by Transatlantic and recorded with Mike Bobak at the desk, this is a UK rock record that has scarcely been heard since release. The band also had the honour of sheltering Peter Green for a short period in the early 70s. Good, but not great, this is a decent rock album that pleases and bores in equal measure.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

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Reviewed by Jan Zarebski
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