Gary US Bonds - Let Them Talk

Goodtime sounds from a soulful septuagenarian

Let Them Talk

Marking a half-century
in the
music business
is reason
enough for a
party, and it’s a
pleasure to hear an old warhorse
like Bonds (metaphorically, at
least) dancing on the tables and
giving thanks for his prolonged
good health and hunger for rock.
Let Them Talk may only be his
third album of new material in
25 years, but it’s clear he’s lost
none of his earlier spark.

Have Mercy and I’m Gone
tread an easy blues groove, all
economical guitar lines and
gospel-tinged backing vocals
draping themselves around
Bonds’ sweet high register. His
deep soul lungs get a proper
workout on the ballad She’s A
Woman and a testifying title track
that would have been perfect for
Otis Redding in his prime.

The record may not have as
many high watermarks as the
early 80s brace Bonds
recorded with Bruce
Springsteen and The E Street
Band, nor the full-blooded
vigour of his 60s hits, but it’s
still a powerful performance for
a 70-year-old. It’s an age-defying
joy in a rocked-up world
where it’s always Quarter To

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Freeworld | FREEM 5018

Reviewed by Terry Staunton
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