Legend - Legend

Not quite legendary, but interesting


This is not the NWOBHM band of
the same name, but instead the
1969 debut from maverick Mickey
Jupp’s first recorded band. Despite
the psychedelic sleeve shot, the
album ploughs a folk-blues (and
even country-ish) furrow in contrast
to the prevailing progressive
fashions of the time. As such, it’s
a pleasant, rather than essential
listen, with the Leadbelly-ish Come
Back Baby sitting comfortably
alongside the quirky, vaguely Lovin’
Spoonful-like Doncaster By-Pass.

Enjoyable though it is, it’s easy
to see why the album (accurately
summed up as “nice” by Jupp in
the excellent sleevenote) didn’t set
the world on fire in ’69. Despite
the contemporaneous blues boom,
Legend’s laidback, almost rustic
sound seems more at home
(especially in its more rock’n’roll
moments) in the early 60s beat
scene than in the revolutionary
atmosphere of its time. That said,
there is a lot to enjoy here. Jupp’s
excellent piano playing and both
his and Chris East’s fine singing
enhance the songs’ bluesy charm,
and both mono and stereo mixes
of the album are included for
contrast (the latter being slightly
preferable). Five bonus tracks
round off a worthy rerelease.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Repertoire | REP 5066

Reviewed by William Pinfold
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