Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti – An Album Under Review

Putting the musical behemoth into words

Described by Rolling Stone’s Jim
Miller as “the band’s Tommy,
Beggars Banquet and Sgt Pepper
rolled into one”, Led Zeppelin’s
sixth album was their first release
on their self-established Swan
Song label, and the first album in
history to go platinum on advance
orders alone.

This prodigious double-album
was an inventive mix of
heavy blues, soul, folk, psych,
acoustic and their trademark
bludgeoning rock. It
demonstrated a freedom born
of success and, for many, was
seen as Led Zeppelin’s best
work. While the enthusiasm and
expertise of this film’s
contributors – including Ron
Nevison, Physical Graffiti
engineer during the recording
sessions at Headley Grange,
and former Yardbird Chris Dreja
– makes for engaging viewing,
at times this DVD becomes
rather too reliant on them and
there is, perhaps due to lack of
availability, very little in terms of
original LZ footage.

Nonetheless, the result, which
is more of a dialogue than a
documentary, does give a
thorough track-by-track
discussion of the album and an
interesting look at its
background and influences.

The bonus material is a little
disappointing, and Nevison’s
comparison of Graffiti with
Quadrophenia doesn’t quite
work. A worthwhile main
feature, but perhaps it would
work better as an audio.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Chrome Dreams/Sexy Intellectual | SIDVD 539

Reviewed by Emmy Watts
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