Moby - Last Night

21st Century schizoid man gets back on the dancefloor

Moby comes from that breed of
New Yorkers, also including
Blondie and LCD Soundsystem,
who manage to accompany
groundbreaking artistic vision
with huge commercial success,
frequently paying tribute to the
old hometown. His last few
albums (18, Hotel) were fairly
mellow, and saw this original
punk get numbered as a kind of
clubland Cliff Richard. It was
totally unjust but, reacting
against this squeaky clean
image, Moby has returned to the
excitement of the early 80s
streets and clubs which inspired
him, while taking the listener out
with him, from warm-up, to peak,
down to sunrise stagger.

Crucially, Moby plugs in to the
root of New York’s club history with
genre-spanning eclecticism, from
the party-rocking hip-hop of I Love
To Move In Here (featuring Cold
Crush’s Grandmaster Caz and
Alice, created with young UK
rappers 419 Crew and Aynzli), to
his beloved piano-driven rave
screamers, rearing majestically on
the self-explanatory Everyday It’s
1989. Euro-disco pumps through
Disco Lies, while Kudu’s Sylvia
Gordon charts an atmospheric
morning cityscape on the closing
title track, but there’s so much
more. Moby needed to make an
album this vibrant and on the
button while reminding the world
that New York City has a lot to
answer for.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Mute | CDSTUMM 275

Reviewed by Kris Needs
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