Katy Perry
London Camden Koko
26th February, 2009

View: standing, centre

To an intro of Killer Queen, Katy
and her four-piece in glo-stick
trimmed suits kicked off at 9:15
and belted out 15 songs in 75
minutes, sending the mostly
teen crowd into a frenzy.
Adorned in a spangly one-piece,
the arch-minx laid out her stall
with the Avril-like Fingerprints,
engaging in tongue-in-cheek
banter before a giant pussy
(cat). One Of The Boys spoke
volumes as she led a mass
pogo, and Hot And Cold
continued the perfect electropop
vein. The new wave Self-
Inflicted saw Katy atop the
speakers and a singalong
Waking Up In Vegas stood out
from lesser-lauded tunes like
the acoustic Lost (Katy on
guitar) and latest single,
Thinking Of You (thoughtful
Alanis). The band returned for
Mannequin and the arms-asway
You’re So Gay, before giant
plastic strawberries were tossed
during If You Can Afford Me. An
encore saw Katy don a leopardprint
suit and rock out on
Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now,
before a final chap-stick toting I
Kissed A Girl.

Reviewed by Tim Jones
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