Stealing Sheep - Into The Diamond Sun

Pagan psych-folk filtered through post-punk prism

Welcome the golden dawn:
this Liverpool three-piece –
music student Becky Hawley,
shop assistants Emily Lansley
and Lucy Mercer – formed in 2010 and, taking attitudinal
lessons from the Au Pairs,
Slits and Raincoats, do it
themselves: management,
booking their own gigs and
sharing a van with their pals’
band. Their music, too, is
defiantly their own. Yes, you
hear influences – Bert
Jansch’s strange timings, the
gypsy folk of female duo Jan and Lorraine, the choral
electronica fusion of The
People – but what Stealing
Sheep do with them is
wonderful, exciting and
places them firmly in the new
psych vanguard.

Recorded with Sam
Crombie (from the band Dog
Show, part of the collective
behind Merseyside hideaway the Kazimier Club) in
Liverpool’s Mello Studios, Into
The Diamond Sun, their
exhilarating debut proper (and
follow-up to last year’s
brilliant mini-LP Noah And
The Paper Moon), fully
captures their kaleidoscopic
vision over 11 songs
bookended with the terrific
The Garden (full of warped guitars, nursery rhyme
harmonies and Blakian
innocence) and Bear Tracks,
a haunting, mesmeric sound
mosiac. In between are freak-folk
anthems Genevieve and
Shut Eye. The latter featured
in an ad for teen soap opera
Hollyoaks and somehow
managed to retain its integrity
while crossing over.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Heavenly | HVNLP 91 (CD / LP)

Reviewed by Lois Wilson
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