The Zombies: Colin Blunstone As Neil McArthur, Rod Argent & Chris White - Into the Afterlife

Underrated but untold afters from the undead

Into the Afterlife

Big Beat’s last box-set, Zombie Heaven, went a long way to explaining just how damn good and underrated The Zombies had been – and still are. After the genius of Odessey & Oracle in 1968, the band, disillusioned, drifted apart. This release, much of it unheard, is the “what happened next” and it’s almost as indispensable as the album.

All of Colin Blunstone’s singles (recorded as Neil MacArthur), including a gloriously upbeat She’s Not There and a cover of Nilsson’s Without Her, rank up there with The Zombies’ best tracks. The tracks from Rod Argent and Chris White do likewise, especially Unhappy Girl and the likeably daft Telescope (Mr Galileo).

Far from being the intended simple companion volume to the box set, Big Beat have succeeded in creating what amounts to an entirely new album. Very few bands from any period could pull 20 tracks of this quality from the vault. Big Beat’s commitment to The Zombies is commendable (this has been over a decade in the making) and, like the previous collection, this is another beautifully executed labour of love.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Big Beat | CDWIKD 266

Reviewed by Jan Zarebski
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