TV Smith - In The Arms Of My Enemy

On rages the flame

The erstwhile Adverts singer is
in fine fettle here, with powerful
lyrics prominent throughout.
Musically it’s more than
decent. Weak Glue rocks out, a
polished punk fizzer detailing
the painful New Orleans flood
and using it as an allegory for a
wider world problem of
selfishness. Butted up against
that with the same sense of
hapless loss is the more
introspective title track that
manages to somehow sound
like a Spaghetti Western’s end
credit theme as written,
worryingly, by The Scorpions.

Throughout the material
follows various thematic paths:
the power of unity, the horrors
of consumerism and
environmental impacts of the
same, and a constant need for
the individual to fight back, find
their voice and mobilise. This is
not a heavy-going album by any
means, the music is tight and
the songs snap along with
catchiness injected into every
riff: a protest record that reveals
a raging flame within its creator,
but a progressive one. Open Up
Your Heart and closer My Trojan
Horse are more than testament
to the eyes through which TV
Smith has come to peep, those
eyes now windows to a soul that
believes in a better way.

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Boss Tuneage | BTRC 024

Reviewed by Joe Shooman
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