Various Artists - If I Could Write Poetry: A Tribute To Television Personalities / If I Could Write A Thousand Wor

Preposterous like life

As labours of love go, you don’t
get any more tenderly puttogether
a tribute than these
albums, the initial efforts in a
planned 10-volume bow at the
feet of Television Personalities.
The gorgeous folly of bringing
together so many different artists
covering Dan Treacy’s songs is
matched only by the passionate
grace of the approach.

Volume one has many
highlights, such as Nikki Sudden’s
poignant and heartfelt take on the
title track. What becomes evident
is that these songs and sentiments
transcend genres. The
Mandervilles’ 60s-hefty take on
Where’s Bill Grundy Now pushes
all the right buttons, while
Someone To Share My Life With
both opens and closes volume
one, the cover at the end being by
Biff Bang Pow, an act boasting the
talents of one Alan McGee on
vocals and acoustic guitar.

Volume two is, essentially,
more of the same crackpot marvel;
the na

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

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Reviewed by Joe Shooman
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