Geordie - Hope You Like It

Yeah, mate, it was alright!

Hope You Like It

Despite being stabled with
Showaddywaddy, Bay City
Rollers and Barry Blue as part of
Cherry Red’s glam imprint, the
idea of the harder-rocking
Geordie being of the same ilk is
tenuous. The way their
Northumbrian pub-rock grit got
them labelled as “Newcastle’s
answer to Slade” is certainly
closer to the mark, and B-sides
such as Geordie Stomp put
them in Glitter Band territory.

In the glam stakes they were
a bit second division – Brian
Johnson’s post-Geordie success
as Bon Scott’s replacement
probably awards them a little
more retrospective kudos than
they’d have otherwise received –
but they had a very decent brace
of singles culled from this, their
first album. Though ensuing 45s
had only modest chart impact,
Geordie continued to fire out
some exciting singles, if clichéd
in a 70s booze-and-birds
manner, in Can You Do It and
Electric Lady, tacked-on here
with their respective B-sides.

They didn’t quite have the
knowing sense of fun that
other glam acts exhibited,
though the dialect-heavy
Geordie’s Lost His Liggie that
played out this record is a right
good Northern knees-up. They
did, however, have a great feel
for blues-rock, some bawdy
showmanship and, in Johnson,
the perfect Strepsils-promoting

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

7T’s/Cherry Red | GLAMCD 46

Reviewed by Ian Abrahams
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