Hugh Cornwell - Hoover Dam

Dam good

Hugh Cornwell, not that he really
needed to, proves once and for
all here that he is still as full of
ideas as ever, on an album also
available as a free MP3 from his
own website.

Musically, this Liam Watson
(White Stripes)-produced romp
is an enjoyable razzle through
the mind of the singer’s 17- year solo career. Opening with
Wrong Side Of The Tracks, both
a splendid pastiche of, and
respectful answer to, Hendrix’s
Crosstown Traffic, the pace
rarely lets up on an LP that, in
part due to its back-to-basics
rock’n’roll aesthetic, makes it
something of a cousin to the
likes of Lou Reed’s storming
1988 LP, New York. There’s
still a huge lump of gleeful
tension on show too, as the LP
flits between hefty riffery and
skewed melody. “It’s a
delightful nightmare” Hugh
intones from behind boxy
compression, musing on the
nature of dreams, reality and
love; verdant subject matter,
presented dutifully by this
ratted poet. The band-centric
sonics place Cornwell as part of a unit rather than a soloist
backed by a band. As a result
this is a very coherent album
with rather a timeless quality.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Invisible Hands | IHCD 52

Reviewed by Joe Shooman
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