Graham Parker & The Rumour - Graham Parker & The Rumour Three Chords Good

Long overdue reunion doesn’t disappoint

It only takes a few bars of
the opening Snake Oil Capital
Of The World for the listener
to get his or her bearings.
The shuffle of the rhythm,
the bite of the guitars and
the venom of the voice
ploughs a direct path back to
the halcyon days of Howlin’
Wind. This is Graham Parker
and, without a shadow of
a doubt, The Rumour.

In the 33 years since their
last album together, The Up
Escalator, Parker has
continued to make literate,
acerbic records full of wit and
insight, but only a handful
have come close to the fierce
energy of the band with which
he made his bow. Three
Chords Good, while obviously
the work of much older men,
nonetheless bristles with
youthful swagger and attitude.

The base template remains
the same: rock-soul hybrids
delivered in razor-sharp
packages (Live In Shadows,
Last Bookstore In Town),
acidic commentaries on the
world’s shortcomings
(Arlington’s Busy). Parker’s
rarely been in better voice,
buoyed by the presence of old
friends intuitive to his
innermost thoughts and
intentions. On this evidence
the UK tour in October will be

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Proper | CEO 109

Reviewed by Terry Staunton
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