God Help The Girl - God Help The Girl

Young hearts run twee

God Help The Girl may just be
the project that Belle &
Sebastian mainman Stuart
Murdoch was born to write. An
indie-popera of sorts, it
describes the life and lusts of a
girl as she dreamily goes about
her day and drunkenly looks for
love in discos. It’s an
expansive, eclectic set of
classic pop, with nods to Dusty
Springfield, Love, Phil Spector,
Motown and The Zombies.

Murdoch’s reliably sharp
lyrics teach us that the
protagonist has “a number of a
girl I know, who gets
hallucinogens from a pair of
hooligans”. Later she must “run
away; they’re playing a decent
song at last, I guess I’ll have to
dance with Cassie, because the
dream boy never asks”.

Vocals are shared by a
plethora of indie sweethearts,
the principal responsibilities
going to Catherine Ireton,
discovered by Murdoch after she
graced a B&S sleeve. Other
notable singers include Neil
Hannon (none more arch) and
Asya of Smoosh, who delivers I
Just Want Your Jeans beautifully.
One downside, though, is a
remake of B&S hit Funny Little
Frog. The version here appears
to have been “Ronson-ised”,
rather spoiling the flow. Still, this
is a minor quibble, GHTG further
confirms Murdoch as one on the
finest songwriters of his era.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars

Rough Trade | RTRADS 509

Reviewed by Jamie Atkins
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